Elizabeth Gilbert on Distinguishing Between Hobbies, Jobs, Careers, & Vocation | +Acumen 2 years ago

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Have you ever felt called to do something else with your life or career? How do you decide if you should make that leap? At +Acumen, we often meet individuals who are looking to add more meaning to their lives by taking on a job in the social sector.

Elizabeth Gilbert has some sage advice for anyone considering such a change. Listen to her response to Usman, a computer programmer who feels drawn to the arts but does not want to disappoint his parents.

A creative life is any life governed more by curiosity than by fear. In this course Elizabeth Gilbert, the best-selling author of books including Eat Pray Love, Committed, The Signature of All Things and Big Magic will equip you with the practical tools and inspiration to jumpstart your own creative journey.

Whether you are an entrepreneur or an artist, you’ll learn about how to pursue a life driven more by curiosity than fear. Each of the 5 sections will be accompanied by Creativity Notebooks that offer practical exercises to put each new concept into practice in your own life and actually get started. Through a self-paced journey of reflection, you’ll pinpoint your creative blockages; mine your sources of curiosity; corral your ideas on paper; and unlock your own capacity to get something done.

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