7 Steps to Finding a Career (or Job) You LOVE 5 years ago

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In this video men's style, grooming and fitness expert, aaron marino of http://www.iamalpham.com, talks about how to find a career or job you love. Life is too short to hate what you do for 8 hours a day. Follow these 7 simple tips to find a new career or job that you love and are passionate about.

Are you currently bored with your job? You know there's something better out there for you but you can't seem to get it into gear and take action. Instead, you go to your inspiring job time and time again. You are in a rut, and it might be time to make a move. Life is too short to be miserable. You have to be ready to take action and be uncomfortable making a change.
Aaron Marino of alpha m. presents seven simple tips to kick-start your new career:
1. Prepare your mind - feel good about yourself. Condition your mind to realize that you are a valuable asset. The job hunting process is not a quick fix. So the more drastic of a change, the more you will need to prepare for it. To feel good about yourself, volunteer! Also, take time to up your image and grooming game. This is a perfect time to take inventory and spruce up from mind to shoes.
2. Analyze past / current jobs and past job hunting effectiveness - what if you realize you hate it all? Take a career aptitude test for more insight. This will help direct you and help you find something you feel passionate about.
3. Education, Certification, Training - set yourself apart from the rest.
4. Your Resume - freshen it up. 95% exaggerate on their resume but lying is not a good idea! But you also shouldn't sell yourself short. Now is not the time to be modest. Also, go to a professional and have them look over your resume to shine it up.
5. The Job Search - start networking by asking people you know. You have to put yourself out there and start asking. Update your LinkedIn profile. Reach out on Facebook and Twitter as well.
6. Prepare for the Interview Dressing to Get the Job and What to Wear to a Job Interview
7. Be Patient - maintain a positive mindset and outlook. Treat the job search like a job. Stay focused and disciplined. You're never too old to start a new career or find a new job.