Job Vs Career: The 6 key differences between a job and a career 3 years ago

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Job vs Career - Are you doing a job? Or are you building your career? Your answer could create a lot of difference in your approach towards many challenges your face at your work.

Though these terms are used interchangeably very often, students and professionals make mistakes by choosing jobs over careers due to lack of clarity, instant benefits and shortsightedness. It is true that a career is made up of jobs, but there are certain elements like role progression, skill advancement etc. differentiate between a job that’s part of a career path and job that you choose for an earning.

So far there were no tools to identify jobs could help you grow in your career, but with tools like MyTechLogy’s career initiative, you can find out IT jobs that could add value towards your career development over a long term. MyTechLogy, your online professional IT career development platform, through this video has put together 6 key differences between a job and a career to help professionals & students evaluate before accepting an opportunity.